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Waitakere Civic Centre, Auckland

Working in tandem with the architectural firm Architectus, Luxaflex® was contracted to fit out five office levels of the new Waitakere Civic Centre with a total of 500 Sunscreen Roller Blinds, plus Sunscreen and Blockout Roller Blinds for the Centre's Auditorium.

In any well-designed workspace, the comfort of the staff is essential to ensure a positive, productive workforce. Natural light plays an important role with its mood enhancing qualities, but with large expanses of windows like in the Waitakere Civic Centre, a comfortable balance between sunlight and shade needs to be met.

The decision to use Landscape Anthracite Sunscreens throughout the office levels achieved that balance by allowing ample natural daylight in while filtering it to create an even shading effect. By diffusing the light, Sunscreens eliminate areas of harsh high-contrast and glare – a significant cause of eye strain. Damaging UV radiation is greatly reduced by reflecting up to 94% of the harmful rays – harmful to humans and furnishings alike. Sunscreens also contribute to reducing the need for expensive air conditioning. Sunscreen Roller Blinds offer these key workspace benefits whilst maintaining a healthy visual connection to the outside world for the occupants.

The addition of automated Sunscreen and Blockout Roller Blinds in the Civic Centre's Auditorium contributes to the facility's functionality by allowing for the instant and effortless transformation of the venue's natural lighting levels from daylight to darkness at the touch of a button.

Architects: Architectus
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Client: –
Project Completed: – 

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