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Hilton Terraces Hotel, Taupo

When Carmody Group, a specialist hotel interior fit-out company, required a high-end solution for the windows in selected designer suites at the new Hilton Terraces Hotel in Taupo, they contracted Luxaflex® to create an attractive lasting result.

In keeping with the Hotel's overall design aesthetic, classic wood style Venetian Blinds were the preferred option, creating a cosy, inviting ambience for the rooms.

Luxaflex® Woodmates® poly-composite 50mm Venetians Blinds were selected not just for their visual appeal, but also for their durability. They look identical to high gloss wood, but they're much tougher and able to withstand the rigours of hotel life where daily wear and tear is a constant factor associated with high occupancy levels. Unlike wood though, the robust Woodmates® Venetian Blind range is designed to resist damage from chipping, peeling and cracking. They're impervious to water and harsh UV sunlight so they won't bow or lose their shape, and they've been tested to withstand fading or discolouration for up to 7 years. The Luxaflex® Woodmates® range is available in a variety of colours and they all come with the added assurance of a 1-year Commercial Warranty.

Luxaflex® Woodmates® Venetian Blinds are a long life, low maintenance solution that will ensure they'll still be in pristine condition for the Hotel's guests for many years to come.

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Location: Taupo, New Zealand
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