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BNZ Queen Street, Auckland

As a continuation of the Bank of New Zealand's ongoing commitment of becoming a carbon neutral company, the fit out of their offices in the Deloitte Centre on Queen Street saw them maintain the same high environmentally-conscious standards they'd set at their nearby Quay Park location on Auckland's waterfront.

The Deloitte Centre became the first high rise building in New Zealand to be awarded 5 Green Stars under the new NZ Green Building Council’s Office Rating guidelines.

Once again, the expertise of Luxaflex® was called upon for the manufacturing of eco-friendly blinds which were installed throughout the BNZ's 8 floors of office space.

As with the BNZ's Quay Park fit out, the specifications stipulated a PVC-free certified fabric. But for this project, the decision was made to work with fabric with a greater openness to the weave. Balance M fabric from the Green Screen range was chosen. Balance M fabrics are PVC-free and completely recyclable. The elimination of PVC content in their production ensures they do not emit any harmful volatile organic compounds. They offer high levels of sustainability whilst maintaining essential fire retardant characteristics. Balance M's open weave offers increased visibility with all the advantages of glare reduction and shading. The fabric's metallised finish reduces solar gain by up to 70%, contributing to the lowering of the building's overall Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) load.

Impressed with the aesthetics and performance of the BNZ's Green Screen Balance M blinds, for visual continuity and environmentally sustainable purposes, the project's New Zealand based architects, Warren and Mahoney, made the decision to complete the entire Deloitte Centre fit out using the same product.

Architects: Warren and Mahoney Architects
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Client: Bank of New Zealand
Project Completed: 2011

Luxaflex solar control solutions featured in this project:

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