Evo External Awnings

Evo External Awnings

Sleek and durable, Evo External Awnings, the all-weather screens can maximise the usefulness of balconies, patios and outdoor spaces by providing protection from solar heat, wind, rain and insects. They are a perfect solution for restaurants and cafés that want to ensure customers are comfortable in alfresco eating areas.

Choices include Side Tension Channel (STC), where the screens are fully secured down the sides; straight drop, with hold-down straps or locking bolts to secure the base; and cable guide, which uses marine-grade stainless steel cable to tension the fabric.


  • Screens can be operated manually with a crank, or they can also be motorised and controlled with a wall switch or remote control. A solar-powered motor is available.
  • During summer, Evo External Awnings can reduce the radiant energy and UV passing into the interior.
  • In winter, screens can be retracted to maximise solar heat gain and reduce heating costs.
  • Side Tension Channel (STC) Awnings, which can be used to create a fully-enclosed room with no gaps, have a side tension system that ensures fabric stays taut at all times.
  • High quality and durable components are resistant to UV fading and extreme weather events, including wind speeds of up to 49 km/h.



Fabrics used for Evo External Awnings include open-weave mesh, which allows air flow and lets you see the view; canvas, which provides privacy and increased protection; and clear PVC, for an unrestricted view and full protection from wind and rain. To protect mechanisms, there are two attractive headbox options.